The Horses

Here are some... not all of the horses that I have been lucky to own or work with.

Jadi was the first horse I ever took a lesson on.  She was an old paso fino with a gland problem that caused her to be extremely hairy all the time.   Which was fine with me, it just made her extra snuggley.  She was a sweet mare that toted me around the back yard and occasional trips down the road.

Kizzy was a cute little grey Arab we half leased when I started riding hunter/jumper.  All I knew was that I was allowed to ride er whenever I wanted so she was as close to my horse as I needed.  She took me to my first show and helped me win my first blue ribbon.  Kizzy still had an attitude every now and then, which is ultimately why my parents didn't want to full on buy her, but she was a fun little horse for a little girl.

Bee Bop
Bee Bop was a palomino quarter horse.  And one of the most beautiful horses I have ever owned.  Maybe I;m biased because he was the first horse I ever owned.  He was sweet and gentle and dead broke.  I was 12 when we got him and I would jump on him and lay on him and run around and he would just go along for the ride.  He was the perfect first horse and I really do appreciate how he took care of me.  Knowing what I know know I realize how truly special he was.

Unfortunately we found out Bee Bop had navicular.  And there was no way he could keep up with the riding and jumping.  We did what we could to ease his discomfort but ultimately sent him off to be a happy trail horse.

L.E. was my first mare - an extremely opinionated 10 yr old chestnut quarter horse.  When we got her she was a scraggly mess that had been out to pasture for a while.  L.E. taught me to look beyond her scabby mane and chest and lop ears (hence L.E.) and see her potential.  She was going to be my new pony club pony.  Only problem was she hated to jump.  She did it fine but fought me the entire time.  So we went another direction and I found out how much I really liked dressage (I was much better at it anyways.)  And L.E. and I went on to win several regional championships.

Gunner was my first very own horse.  The one I bought with my money.  A bay thoroughbred with a not a single brave bone in his body.  He was afraid of clippers, cows, cats, the breeze.  You name it he didn't like it.  But he still toted me along and helped me get back into shape and listened to all my stories after work.  Gunner took me over my first jump in 6 years and showed me what he truly wanted to do.  He was the opposite of L.E., dressage was OK, but jumping was FUN.  So when it came time to sell him he went to a pony club home with lots of jumps.  Gunner has sadly since passed and I miss him more every day.

Lastly, is Dexter, my current horse.  He is an 8 yr old Friesian cross and my biggest horse ever.... 17H.  He is a sweet horse with a few quirks here and there, as they all have.  He tries hard and I am really enjoying getting back into training and getting him ready to show.