March 9, 2012


In the words of Jim Davis.... AAARRRGGGHH!

Last weekend it was finally warm enough and dry enough to ride.  My sister in law was in town so she and my husband were baby-sitting Alex so I could go ride.  I get to the barn and as soon as I get on the owners light a trash fire right next to the arena.... thanks.

Dexter isn't a fan of fire and I'm totally fine with that.  I want him to have a healthy fear so if his barn/pasture starts a-blazing, he's smart enough to run the other way.  Ok so we can handle this, we decided to just stay on the other side of the arena.  Dexter wasn't super happy but he's listened for the most part.  We just had to cancel any canter work we were planning.  Probably for the best as neither of us are in all that great of shape.

So then the owner comes out to work her horse, sees the fire and says "Oh Sh**, there are spray cans in there."  Really? Really?!?  You have go to be kidding me.  Who does that??  So I ask how many (so I know what I'm up against).  She says 3, (I looked later, it was more like 6.)

As soon as she says that, one goes off.  I don't know how many of you have been around exploding spray cans (I'll assume not many,because, who burns spray cans?) but it sounds like a shotgun going off.  Dexter jumps ans spins but doesn't take off.  He does pretty well actually, but isn't going to calm down for the rest of the ride.  "Some thing's burning and now someone is shooting at us and you want me to practice bending to the left? No thanks mom." 

So our first ride in almost 3 weeks is cut short.  The owner's husband went and raked the remaining cans out of the fire, but the damage was done.  I was pretty irritated because its irresponsible regardless who's riding, but its not my decision to make. I was called a "chicken" for getting off and not riding through it.  Oh well, I rather be a chicken in one piece than a broken hero.

Its starting to warm up so maybe I'll have more drama-free opportunities to ride now... let's hope.

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