December 1, 2010

I Got One Ride In!

To my delight my family was willing to let me sneak away for a ride.  My brother and his wife brought my 10 month old nice out to meet Dexter then left me to ride.  It was windy and short (30 minutes) but it was just enough to fill my cup.
I would have ridden longer but the cool weather was blowing up the skirts of the horses in the pasture I was riding in.  It’s hard for Dexter to concentrate when 6 horses are galloping past him every 5 minutes.  So we cut our losses and gave Dexter big pats for not joining the herd.  I’ve learned that pushing my luck usually ends up with me on the ground.  And he was very calm in the middle of it all so he deserved a break.

So, I’m glad I got to ride, being that I didn’t expect to at all.  Thanks Family!

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