January 8, 2011


As of yesterday Dex seems to have gotten all of the alfalfa out of his system. We even had a productive lesson today.

Although we had one little lunge/buck fit yesterday after he slipped on a bit on the mud.  I had been avoiding all the wet spots in the pasture but Dexter thought he knew better and veered off into a mud pit.  His front legs slipped and he decided to jump and buck to get his balance. 

He's done this before and I never understood it.  Dear Dexter, flailing your legs around in various directions will not help you land steadily on your feet.  But yesterday I figured it out.  Have you ever seen a cat loose its balance or do something stupid.  They kind of look around to see who saw and act like they totally meant to do it.  That's what Dexter is doing, he doesn't want me to know he trips over his own feet so he starts the little bucking act to pretend like he meant to do it. 

Don't worry Dexter, I understand.  As long as you don't go for an Oscar winning performance and buck me out of the saddle.

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  1. Haha, I've never seen (or heard of) a horse bucking to retain/regain their balance. So long as its only on the lunge line!