March 21, 2011

My Mutt

The number one question I get whenever I take Dexter anywhere isn't how old he is or who my trainer is but "What is he?"  And its usually that exact question, not even "What breed is he?".  The smart ass in me wants to say "A horse, silly."  But I know what they mean so I just reply "He's a Friesian Standardbred Cross."  And the responses run the gambit - "I could tell he was part Friesian."  "I could tell he had Standardbred in him."  "He reminds me of my Friesian cross." "Well, he's lovely"  "Oooh, interesting mix."  "Oh.... okay."  "Standardbred, really??"  And sometimes I just get looks that say "Who would mix those two??"
And to be honest when I saw him for sale I was a little wary myself.  I loved Friesians, wanted one from the first time I saw one, but knew nothing about Standarbreds other than the ones I had seen were all pacers.  And I know his pieces don't got together just right, with his big Friesian head and short Friesian neck connected to his looong Standardbred back and butt.  His mane and tail are all Friesian, thank goodness.  And his legs are fighting between the two, he has nice long legs like a Standardbred but he's trying to get that Friesian feathering in there somewhere.  His big hips... I have no idea where those come from, but they keep making my barn owner think he's skinny.  She thinks his belly needs to come out to his hips and I keep telling her he's got big birthing hips, he'd have a pot belly if he filled out that much.
Anyway, my point is my mutt isn't perfect, and apparently he's a conundrum to those who see him.  But I love him and all his gangly misplaced parts.  They may not look perfect but they give me a pretty floaty trot and the smoothest canter onc could ask for on a big galoot (when he finally gets it balanced.)
I love my mutt, he may not be purebred and he may be a mix few look for, but for me he works.  Anyone else out there have an interesting crossbreed that sounds like it wouldn't work but does?

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  1. Hahaha, burthing hips! I can't say as I've noticed those on him, and to be honest, I'd never have guessed his breeding. A draft cross, I'd guess. Fresian STB? No way. I can see it if I look... especially in the legs, but if I didn't know, I don't think I'd have guessed the correct cross. I see more STB than Fresian, personally.