April 7, 2011

The Original Pit Crew is Coming

My parents are on their way!  They want to come and see me show, so they are on their way out from Florida, for my show this weekend.  They were my original "pit" crew.  My mom and dad couldn't tell you the if I was on the right lead or if I was even on the right horse at times, but thanks to my mom, my horse had the whitest socks and tightest braids at the shows.  And thanks to my dad I had the shiniest boots, and my horse had the cleanest nose.  They knew how to clean and primp like the best of them.

So I'm excited for them to come out, I'm sure they would like to help but its been quite some time since the last show.  Not sure my mom is still in the braiding mode.... which is ok because Dex gets the running braid this season.  But at the same time that means 2 more people I have to keep track of.  Luckily they know me well enough to know when I need to be left alone and when I need help... I hope :).  My husband has been doing a good job as my fill-in crew but still needs some work.... he asks WAY too many questions when I'm trying to remember my test or what I just rode.

My parents are also excited to come out, but for another reason all together.... the impending future grand child.  Whenever I talk to my mom (who is trying to plan a baby shower) she keeps saying "We;'ll just talk about that when we get there."  When they first said they wanted to come out I made it very clear that this would be a horse weekend, not a baby weekend.  And I keep having to remind them of that.  There is enough going on with preparing for a show that the baby is going to have to take a back seat.  Its not like its going anywhere.  So we will see how that goes.  My last ride is around noon, so I figure if they do keep their promise on the no baby talk, the flood gates will open around 1 pm.

So wish me luck... not only with my first "recognized" show (I hope I don't do anything stupid to get DQed, there are some crazy rules out there) but with juggling my horse and my crazy parents.

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