May 21, 2012

Sunday Sunday

I had a lesson yesterday!  My first lesson in almost a year.  It was great.  Dexter was awesome, he is so focused in our lessons and tries so hard.  The best part was we didn't loose as much as I thought over the hiatus.  Dexter's back is still there, his contact is better than ever, and his canter is still relaxed.  I need more work than Dexter at this point.  My trainer seemed super happy with where we were at and I'm so glad.  I've been riding for about 5 months now and was worried we were going down the wrong path.  I thought we felt good but I wasn't sure.  Its great to have a expert set of eyes give me that re-assurance.  The best feedback we got was that Dexter's trot work was at a First & Second Level connection, his canter needs some work to get up to First.  But woohoo Dexter! Way to rock the trot! (Sorry that means more canter work).

Also I recently got a camera that does slow motion video.... I am so going to have fun with that.  Look for some video in the future.

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